Monday, October 20, 2003

A basketball player will stand trial for rape
A 20 year old college student succesfully planted terrorrist devices on a discount airliner
An ex marine sniper (aka the Sniper) decided to defend himself in court
and there's nothing on TV
On Monday nights there's only Law and Order Reruns and Football
Rush Limbaugh won't be announcing. He's too caught up with the pills
The Sniper made for tv movie and The unibomber made for tv movie were on USA network this weekend.
I couldn't sit through either.
It's all in the timing I suppose.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Sunday October harvest evening in Westchester
Scab signs outfront Ralph's boast almost 20 bucks an hour
Coked up Japanese Rednecks do dougnuts in the parking lot of the Formosa Hotel
heckling potential customers to cross the picket lines
A hippies mother of santa monica with birkenstocks and not enough sun clutches the hand of her eleven year old daughter. She has learned to count her calories of shame from trader joes
Holding up a sign to the playa del rey million dollar traffic, it reads
" save the wetlands." I honk. The little girl waves. The hippie mom thanks me.
AM/PM serves beer 24 hours and no one is counting

Saturday, October 18, 2003

8AM Saturday Morning.
The cursed are out of the World Series,
I can't finish a book on Indians to save my life,
Some guy in Kiss got shot while leaving a nightclub
I signed and sealed my credit card bill two nights ago and I can't remember if I mailed it
Now the weekend is here and I can't stop thinking that there's a guy outside a Johnny's Check Cashing in Bakersfield who knows this dude with friends that know people that are good at check forging. Hope it doesn't ruin the weekend.

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