Friday, April 30, 2004

-Hunter S. Thompson-

"I went to one Derby party where two teenage girls were deliberately set on fire….. by drunken rich people who then hurled their bodies off a cliff above the Ohio River & laughed about it later. The girls' families were told by local authorities that their daughters had "run away with a gang of horse-gamblers from Turkey who loaded them up with gin and told them they were going to Hollywood to get famous."

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Quote from Kentuckian on the Subject of Certain Jockies boycotting the Kentucky Derby:

"There hasn't been this much controversy before the race since the making of the Garland of Roses "sold-out" and went corporate with Kroger making it."

Friday, April 23, 2004

Denny at his desk in Falluja

Hi. I’m Denny and I’m looking for that someone special when I return from Iraq. Don’t let the calendar girl fool ya. I’m a sensible man and I’m realistic about looks. As long as you don’t weigh more than 110 pounds it’s all good. My favorite movies are Anger Management, Patton, and Police Academy 3. My favorite TV show of all time is Facts of Life. My favorite episode is when Mrs. Garret takes Tootie to the Jermaine Jackson Concert. Remember that one? Hobbies? Hmm..I used to like long walks on the beach, but being in the desert outside of Falluja kind of ruined it for me. Now I really like playing UNO. If you think you’re that special someone, like playing UNO and watching reruns of The Facts of Life, I would love to hear from you. They say I can come home in three weeks. Will you be waiting for me?

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

This is my boy Clay. No not those Clay pots you buy at Pier One. His name really is Clay. (My wife named him not me) I wish he could sell his pottery to Pier One or Pottery Barn, or even Wall-Mart. That way he's stop depending on me and his mother. We already have a second mortgage from his little MFA in pottery. But I'm just his step father so what do I know. He wasn't that great at math and sometimes I think he looks like a girl, but hey, I tried being a good Dad. Me and his mother used to buy him a lot of Plato when he was little. Now look at him. Looks like a lesbian from Tacoma Washington or something. I'm his step dad so I can say things like that. It's my job to be critical. It's good for him. Maybe it'll get him to finally sell some of his little coffee mugs. slide slide. Where's that picture of me and the wife in Branson after that Biker rally?

Friday, April 02, 2004

In response to the most recent Slate article regarding the decline in LSD use:

The baby boomers and their children are the last of the LSD crowd, as supply and demand shifted to a new bigger and more efficient synthetic drug product. Or perhaps it's just the old school "fear" of flashbacks and 2nd generation contrarians, repelled by what the previous generation disillusioned themselves with. What kid would wish a long term drug-effect destiny of mixing up Vietnam flashbacks and a Doors concert three years later at the Hollywood Bowl? In this light, LSD doesn't align or stand a snowballs chance in hell with the video game attention-deficit disorder culture of today.

The same chemist can profit at higher black-market price and volume. Currently, the FDA is limiting the commercial high volume sale of over-the counter ingredients contained within such drugs as Sudafed. I agree, as far as the numbers go, never bet against a comeback. I heard from a very credible source that the Doors are going to reunite and tour with Pepsi.

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