Monday, March 15, 2004

Leap year.

One every four years.

Like the Olympics and Oscars Awards I can remember.
It's the month of Long Island and drunken Irish parades in Levintown and Huntington.
The mixed weather of March turns even the most together people into border line frenzied drunk doorman on the upper east side.
March madness is not just some random cliché picked up by college basketball affiliates in high basketball demographic geographies.
The ides of March and the weather melt forward towards Spring
Here in L.A.:
After Valentines day, Leap Year, the Oscars and the rest;
A movie about Hobbits sweeps
It is no surprise to look at the bottle necked I-10 East Traffic

all trying to get out

Thursday, March 04, 2004

If you see no other movie

In a world where good is evil and evil is not what it seems. Where distant lands collide close to home, and heroes must decide down the hall your on the phone with the cable guy and he's really irritating. Well sometimes there comes a long a movie that's just that. But not this one. This movie is much better. If you see no other movie this year. Next year, or the year after that, or the year the Olympics are in. If you only watch Archie Bunker, if ou only settle into sleep after two Zanax and a shot of bourbon, if you are none and all of these things, then you'll love to pay $14.05 for a ticket to see this one. You'll pay double for the ticket. You will skip matinees. You are getting sleepy…sleeppy…If Al Quidea operatives descended on your home town of Gary Indiana and killed all the women and children and men for that matter. Except you. You still must see this movie. If you are accosted by Jews for Jesus, Jehovah witnesses, or other religious zealots, you must see this movie. If the girl at the coffee stand is cute, you must see this movie. If her name is Sarah and she spells it with an must see no other.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Wall Street (and other news of the day)

The whispers of Greenspan and a jobless recovery as the FCC Powell brothers get shut up and put down in an election year. While Eisner says "kiss my ass" at Disney's shareholder meeting and Marge Shot dies from chain smoking in Cincinnatti. (Who will Pete Rose confide in?), Martha Stewart awaits her slap on the wrist fate as Haiti declares no operating government (unless you count the 200 US soldiers deployed as of last night).

Sunday In L.A. the day of the oscars

The traffic really starts at 11 AM. The bottleneck drudge spreads itself open down La Cienega past CBS studios on Wilshire. The hookers as a rule of thumb have their dates by 1 PM before resorting to the internet, or worse, the street. Check in time at hotels is 3PM while the drug traffic flows West back into LA from Vegas via I-10. Saturday Oscar Eve is all night so you'd better have your cocaine orders in by Thursday, cause on Monday, the day after, nothing moves but air quiet recovery sleep into Fat Tuesday at the Silver Lake Lounge pitch black afternoon of $2 bottled MGD with a guy named George. George takes the bus from South Central to be at this place and ponders why Sean Penn won best actor.

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