Friday, October 06, 2006


Cash runs into unexpected company in Culver city...

Yesterday afternoon at a bar in Culver City, I struck up a conversation with this heavily tattooed and disheveled ex-military guy. He was in pretty bad shape. Unshaved and up for days (probably hitting the meth from what I could tell), he kept talking about how he used to be somebody. Said his girlfriend just left him. Said that looking back on the whole thing he was relieved, because she was anorexic and had issues. I wasn't going to argue with the guy. When he got around to telling me his name was Popeye, I was shocked. I mean the guy was barely recognizable. Turns out, after the Ecoli scare, Warner Brothers let him go. He's been living out of a hotel in San Bernardino ever since. He said, unemployment runs out in November. I told him I'd keep my fingers crossed.

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