Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Top 10 reasons I'm glad the Olympics are over.

  1. I don't have to listen to gym analyst talk about their former careers for another four years.
  2. No more stories mistaken for "critical breaking news" on NBC news about how another athlete was caught with an illegal drug in their system. Meanwhile the world falls apart.
  3. Thanks to the two Russian planes that were bombed, No more winks about Terrorism F-ing it up.
  4. Watching NFL players sweat in 100 degree heat in Tampa for the pre-season on NBC, whose outcome is only relevant to gambling addicts and NFL fantasy football geeks.
  5. Bob Costis's voice sounding like no matter what happens, the end of the world is today ...
  6. Those SUV commercials making you feel like everyone lives on the same "love one another" planet offset by breaking national news on how the US is killing the shit out of man woman and child in Falujah.
  7. That black lady on the coke commercial that hands out free coke to everyone on the street as if it is the most normal thing in the world.
  8. Basketball
  9. The Republican National Convention will keep me entertained for all of three minutes when Arnold takes the stage and ask Angola to renounce the one metal they actually one.
  10. Now I can get back to watching the sports I was never able to catch for the last few weeks: Badminton, table Tennis, and diving.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

There are cars, and there is Bin Laden's Driver...

The United States convened its first war crimes tribunal since World War II on Tuesday and formally charged a Yemeni, described as Osama bin Laden's driver, with conspiracy to commit murder and terrorist acts as a member of Al Qaeda.

Volkswagen, off the radar since Hitler's VW campaign, has hired a lawyer to represent the driver in return for a 5-year contract for Passat commercials. Spokesperson for Volkswagen went on to say,
"We haven't had anyone represent VW that might be a threat to the United States since Hitler. Yeah, I mean you'll find the VW bug in Cuba but the cold war's over man. People have moved on. Signing Bin Laden's driver to Volkswagen will solidify us a serious threat to the car image industry.

The message of the commercial, "There are cars and then there is Bin Laden's driver" will kick off the campaign in Fall 2004.

A VW representative went on to add, "However, we also wanted to point out that our trendy Passat isn't just the top choice of metro-sexuals and Blonde girls named Page. We're also a vehicle that Bin Laden's driver can depend on while driving across the Sudan and hiding from the entire planet."

Monday, August 23, 2004

Follow the numbers..

Julia Childs passed two weeks ago Friday while we were stuck in traffic 10 miles West of San Bernardino. It was the 105 to the 605 to the 15 to the 57 to the 10. There was a time (a year ago) when you could hit the road by 3PM on a Friday and you could arrive prompt for a 7PM tee time at the desert light golf course off route 111. These days it's different. You don't leave by 1 o'clock and you end up stuck listening to NPR stories over and over again. By the time you hit Riverside you're able to recite why the Dow Jones industrial took a dive for the day, the week and the year. Luckily we listened to old Julia Childs cooking shows. I learned how to make an omelet again.

Friday, August 20, 2004

"Don't take away my Suburban Shine..."

Uuttered on the corner of Hollywood and Cherokee last night by a crack head and her assistant. )

Regarding the article in the street.com this morning after google's stock price sailed to over a c-note..


Google defies low expectations?

Besides financial statements, am I missing something or have we just learned nothing from the dot com craze?

The media focus on Google over the last few weeks fixates on the SEC “Quiet Period,” Auction procedures aligned with the IPO launch, and Google’s initial market correction on the eve of going public. Now the whisper is how high will this stock go?

Being pre-occupied with these details ignores the big fat elephant in the studio apartment. Have we learned nothing from the stock market valuations and shameless self-promoting underwriters of the dot-com crazed Nineties?

The primary focus should be: how does this company make cash? Certainly a GE that is priced in the $30 dollar range can account for what cash they produce. Even Yahoo (someone please explain to me in dollar terms the real difference between this company and Google) treads around the same $3o dollar range. But $100 bucks a share for a company that has never disclosed financial statements to the public? Does the investing public seriously believe this Company can sustain such a stock price in this or any economic environment?

The investing public is spoon-fed a big glob of disservice when the press does not make financial operations of the Company the core focus. Sitting on the sidelines and watching a train wreck about to happen and being experts in market value are surely at odds. Sure Google may be the most used search engine on the planet, but YKK zippers are probably be the most used zippers on the planet and I don’t they’re stock is valued in the $100 dollar range.

Thursday, August 19, 2004


Driving through West Hollywood the other day I saw a billboard that read:

Alien Versus Predator
No matter who wins….
We lose.

If that isn’t an ad for the War..I don’t know what is..

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I cannot for the life of me understand what the big deal is with this company. Despite the public having no access to the their financial statments,they are still managing to come out with an IPO that will premier in the $100 dollar per share range. That share price tops GE, Phizer and IBM. Even yahoo which provides a more extensive free service to the public is valued in the thirty dollar per share range. Go figure. Is the American public going to be a sucker again? Did the dot com craze teach us nothing? Like Reality TV contestants, stock holders will get what they deserve. I can only assume that rising interest rates just make a pie in the sky dream of actually profiting from such a company that much more compelling to the desperate. I guess I just don't know what people are thinking. Who will actually be buying into all this hype? Stay tuned. The release will be soon..


Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The on-going Citibank Debacle:

Seth Stevenson from Slate confirming and articulating my own suspicon.
I'm not alone..


Saturday, August 07, 2004

What to make more money?
Fake an American Beheadings on the Internet!

This just in..

Paris Hilton and Sister's house got robbed. Among the missing items: A laptop. Last week it was reported that Paris had bruises on her arm and now this? Where's Superman when you need him?

In other news...

Rick James died of natural causes at 56 in his home. Natural causes as defined by Rick James' doctor consist of slower breathing, going peaceful into the gentle night and smoking crack off silicon breast for breakfast every day for twenty years.

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